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How Website Audit Works At Digtiz

At Digtiz, we excel in website audits, a vital service often overlooked by businesses. Today’s effective website may not meet tomorrow’s standards, so we use advanced tools and technical expertise to uncover growth opportunities.

Speed Analysis with GTMetrix

We use GTMetrix to analyze your page speed, providing detailed insights into loading sequences and identifying performance bottlenecks for a faster user experience.

Google Pagespeed Insights for Mobile and Desktop

Evaluating both mobile and desktop speeds with Google Pagespeed Insights ensures we optimize performance for all users.

Technical Checkup with Screaming Frog

Our thorough audit with Screaming Frog covers SEO elements and site architecture, aligning your site with best practices for better visibility and engagement.

Responsive Behavior Analysis

We test your site’s adaptability across devices, ensuring consistent, user-friendly experiences from desktops to smartphones.

Embark on a Journey to Digital Excellence

Our comprehensive audit provides actionable insights and strategic recommendations to elevate your website’s performance and help achieve your business objectives.

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